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5 Benefits of a Second Medical Opinion

When it comes to your health and well-being, you can never be too careful. This is especially true when you’re facing invasive surgery, such as a joint replacement. If you’re apprehensive about undergoing surgery, then a second opinion is the best option for you.

At Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin, our team wants only the best choice for you and your health. If that means another option other than surgery, Dr. Mitchell Klement is happy to discuss your options with you. Dr. Klement specializes in many different types of orthopedic treatments, including second opinions.

Why do you need a second opinion?

When you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that requires invasive treatment, the thought of a lengthy procedure or recovery time can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you’ve been told that you need a joint, such as your hip or knee, replaced.

If you’re uneasy about the treatment plan your doctor has set in place for you, you should consider getting a second opinion. A second opinion is basically a consultation with another doctor that specializes in your condition to give you peace of mind about your treatment options.

A second opinion is completely your choice, but can give you more information about your condition, along with other alternative treatment options that maybe your other doctor hadn’t discussed. There are some instances when a second opinion should definitely be considered, such as:

A second opinion never hurts, especially if you’re dealing with very invasive and life-changing treatment options. If your gut feels off and you have an uneasy feeling, Dr. Klement can help ease your mind by giving you his professional medical opinion.

Benefits of getting a second opinion

So what exactly are the benefits of a second opinion? There are a lot of added benefits to seeing another doctor to discuss your case. For example, you learn a lot more about your condition, which allows you to make a more informed decision in the end. However, there are a lot of other benefits, and here are five of the most common:

1. You get other treatment options

This is especially beneficial if the original treatment is experimental or involves something invasive, like surgery. Dr. Klement may offer alternative therapies that are less traumatizing to your body.

2. You improve the outcome of your condition

By getting a second opinion, you’re basically improving your knowledge about your condition, which helps you make a better decision in the long run. 

3. You feel secure that you’ve received a reputable diagnosis

A diagnosis that’s either life-threatening or not what you expected is very scary. A second opinion helps to ease your mind that the proper diagnosis was given to you so you can proceed with treatment options.

4. Minimize the risks to your overall health

If you jump right into a treatment for your condition, the risks may be substantial, especially if surgery is involved. By getting a second look at your condition, Dr. Klement helps you make an informed decision about your condition and your overall health.

5. Ease your mind about your options

It’s normal to feel anxiety after a medical diagnosis that you weren’t expecting. Your mind may be racing and panic could set in. However, by getting a second look at your condition, you’re helping to keep yourself informed to make the best decision for your health that you can.

A second opinion also allows you and your original doctor to speak more freely, as they only want the best outcome for you as well. They may also be looking for other treatments, especially if the options are risky.

Dr. Klement offers second options for orthopedic conditions, and is happy to give your diagnosis another look in the office.

When you’re in need of a second opinion, call our office to schedule a consultation at 262-223-3040, or you can book an appointment online today. 

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